Carl Aiau

WordPress, Static Sites, Javascript and Computer Science.

Obsessed with code

I have been a freelance developer since 2012, starting with PHP, and now fixated on modern Javascript. I'm excited about static site generators and the rise of the headless CMS. By using React, Hugo and GatsbyJS we can build the fastest websites in the world. I love clean code and high PageSpeed scores.

All of my traditional WordPress projects are built with Beans and Carbon Fields. This combination offers fast development with modular UIKit and tonnes of functionality out of the box. Apart from WooCommerce and a few extensions, I have a distaste for plugins.

I am the technical co-founder of Likeabook and Travel Influencers. Recent projects I've built are Southern Cross Flutes, Ecotricity, Generosity Coffee, Hemp Me and the Ageing Well National Science Challenge.

Computer science

In 2018 I completed a DipGrad in Computer Science at Otago University, and am partway through my Masters.

Freelancing before my academic studies has given me the unique combination of diverse project experience and a thorough understanding of COSC fundamentals. I can confidently execute across a wide calibre of specifications and business needs.

Lets get coffee

I'm from Dunedin, New Zealand and I happily work with clients globally.

I'm fizzed up about React, static site generation and headless WordPress. If you're after state of the art performance get in touch.

Away from my MacBook I love drinking copious amounts of coffee, pulling deadlifts and refreshing Elon's twitter feed.