Carl Aiau

Engineer and Computer Scientist


I have been a freelance developer since 2012, self taught starting with PHP, and now deep in the Javascript rabbit hole. I have helped many people navigate the WordPress landscape. These days I mainly build with React / Native / GatsbyJS, Vue, Node and Go.

During 2019 I worked as a software engineer at TheMarket using Vue, Express and ElasticSearch. My tasks were concentrated on the frontend and developing and migrating a content platform from WordPress.

In 2020 I co-founded the digital agency Digital Mates with Jason Saunders.

Recent Work

DPM Group | Hot Yoga Dunedin | Rize | Southern Cross Flutes | Likeabook | Ageing Well National Science Challenge | Ecotricity | Hemp Me

Computer Science

During 2018 - 2019 I completed a DipGrad and PGDipSci (with distinction) in Computer Science at Otago University. My Post graduate specialisations were AI and Information Retrieval. Once upon a time I studied commerce majoring in Finance.

Understanding computer science and a little business makes me a unique and agile asset especially in small teams. Problems have many solutions, I strive to iterate quick and remove assumptons. I avoid tunnel vision and over-engineering AKA drinking Kool-aid.

Lets get coffee

I'm currently based in Dunedin, New Zealand. I happily work with clients globally through Digital Mates.

Aside from directly engineering I also consult and offer technical guidance. It is important to ensure everyone involed with a project is pointing in the same direction especially if there are multiple external parties involved.

I don't fix broken WordPress sites but I work on new ones.