Carl Aiau

WordPress, Static Sites, Javascript and Computer Science.

Obsessed with code

I have been a freelance developer since 2012, starting with PHP, and now fixated on modern Javascript and Golang. I'm excited about static site generators and the rise of the headless CMS. Using GatsbyJS I want to build my clients the fastest websites in the world. I love clean code and high PageSpeed scores.

My WordPress projects are built with Beans and Carbon Fields. I have a distaste for large plugin stacks and visual builder bloat. Here is some recent work, hover for deets, click to visit:

Hot Yoga Dunedin

Wordpress with Beans and Carbon Fields. Custom plugin that cron updates timetable over Mindbody's prehistoric API and creates an interactive interface. Loads 10 times faster than the competitor's site we were using as a benchmark.

, The Good Portal

This is a MVP. React single page app built on top of node microservice. Data provided by charitiy services API. Extensive event tracking to determine what to develop next.

, Rize

Marketplace built ontop of WooCommerce and Stripe Connect. Multiple bespoke extensions of core WC Vendors Pro functionality, including size guides, country dependent bundle and free shipping specifications and vendor initiated refunds.

, Travel Influencers

I am the technical Co-Founder. Designed and developed in Hugo using UIKit 3. Hosted on Netlify, allowing for build previews via pull requests and A/B testing from branches.

, Scent Republic

WooCommerce store using Chargebee for subscription management. Users can manage their queue of upcoming products. Migrated client from unscalable WooCommerce Subscription theme and plugin stack while preserving paying users sbuscriptions.

, Southern Cross Flutes

WooCommerce multi FX store. I migrated a page builder based theme and plugin stack into Beans and Carbon Fields. Reducing resource count by 90%, while providing easier administration and avoiding double entry of data.

, Likeabook

I am the technical Co-Founder. SAAS based on a WP Multi site. Chargebee admin subscription management. Paying admins can create sub sites within the network, and invite users to their sites.

, Allcor

GatsbyJS vanilla with Bulma hosted on Netlify. Multiple video headers, Gatsby Image lazy loading. Instagram feed stored statically, with each new post triggered a static site rebuild. This is the Future.

, Ecotricity

Wordpress with Beans. Reduced a gargantuan plugin stack to less than 5, reduced resource count by 80%+ Replaced page builder logic with page template scoped Carbon Fields and UIKit frontend.

, Generosity Coffee

WooCommerce subscriptions store powered by Beans and Carbon Fields. Simple administration with dynamic theming possible on a per-page basis.

, Hemp Me

WooCommerce store powered by Beans and Carbon Fields. Simple administration of sophisticated page structures using modular repeatable blocks.

, Ageing Well National Science Challenge

Wordpress with Beans and Carbon Fields, modular block control, associations between post types creating intra-site user flow. Admin controllable interactive graphic built with good ol' jQuery.


Computer science

In 2018 I completed a DipGrad in Computer Science at Otago University, and am partway through my Masters. I am supplementing this with top-down learning via's practical deep learning for coders course. Check back soon for blog posts on my progress.

Rather than purusing a highly specialised path I believe a wide understanding across various aspects of computer science makes me a unique and agile asset. Unlike a bootcamper, I know there are many solutions to a problem and I view efficiency as it relates to business goals.

Lets get coffee

I'm currently based in Dunedin, New Zealand and I happily work with clients globally.

I'm fizzed up about React, the static site revolution and headless WordPress. If you're after state of the art performance get in touch.

Away from my MacBook I love drinking copious amounts of coffee, pulling deadlifts and refreshing Elon's twitter feed.